3 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Windshield!

Everyone wants their windshield to look fresh & clean, but your bad habits are probably not helping much.

Here are some quick tips to help!

Using sponges & towels to wipe down your glass.

Everyone’s cleaned or dried their windshield and car with bath towels and sponges.

They may feel soft to the touch, but not for cleaning glass, especially for something as expensive as your car’s windshield!

The small fibers within sponges/towels will end up scratching the glass and the vehicle’s paint.

Instead, invest in microfiber towels, or towels/sponges made for cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. They won’t scratch your glass or ruin the paint.

Removing decals/stickers with keys!

Peeling stickers off your windshield with your keys is such a bad idea!

Of course, it always happens that you start peeling the decal by hand, you get halfway & boom it rips. Then your stuck with half a sticker and sticky residue.

Using your keys will just scratch your glass, then you’ve got another mess on your hands.

Solution… use Goo-Gone or WD-40!

Let it sit for a minute & easily peel the rest with your fingernail or a single-edge razor blade & watch the sticker slide right off.

Keeping old Windshield Wipers!

Common mistake.

It happens, you only need them when it rains or you need to give your windshield a quick rinse.

But if those wipers get too old and tear you might end up with a metal wiper scratching your glass, nobody wants that!

If you turn your wipers on and they’re squeaking, switch them out. Most automotive shops will even put them on for you.

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