Should You Get a Windshield Replacement or Repair the Chips?

Every time it freezes the cracks get worse!

Should I replace it or just fix it?

Will it even pass inspection?

These are all valid questions when it comes to that thin glass that magically keeps you dry but is covered with bugs.

Ultimately, the final question that leads to action is, “How much is This going to cost me?!”

So what do you do? Well, here’s a little friendly advice from the experts at AA&A. This won’t take long.

Should I get a windshield replacement or repair?

Broken windshields are normal, from rock chips hitting your windshield (Thanks to never-ending road construction!!) on your way home or to work, it never fails right?!

The problem is that the damage on a windshield, no matter how little or big, needs to be taken care of before it gets worse. And you better believe it’s going to get worse, that’s a fact.

Rock chips are small & you wouldn’t think it would cause more damage, but over time that small rock chip will spread, and then you have a bigger problem on your hands. The simple solution, stop what your doing and stop by or schedule it and take a deep breath.

How bad is the damage?

When deciding whether to do a full-on replacement or a repair, look at how big the crack is, and cue the laugh track. Is it the size of a quarter or a crack line that extends the full length of the glass?

Your windshield is built to take damage but you could be putting yourself or others at risk depending on how bad the crack is.

Rule of thumb, if the windshield has more than three chips or cracks then, it should be replaced rather than repaired.

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